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Lost and Unidentified Photographs

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We have several photographs in our collection that need identification of them for their loved ones and future generations.  Some photos have been partially identified and some, not at all. If you recognize a name, place or face - please e-mail us at as we need your assistance in placing names to faces.

NEW: A link to miscellaneous family photos inherited by David Young. Most of them pertain to Polk County people but are not identified. It is possible that IMAG0072 could be Samuel Nash and family of Polk County. Check out the pictures here!

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unknown #1 (identified 2009 as possibly Bertie Simpson Hines) & unknown #2

Photo #3 (Not all individuals in this photo have been identified, so it has been left up for all to see. Our goal is
to get everyone's name . . . one never knows where a clue might come from!)

(Identified 2009 by PCGS members Beverly Graves and Beth Haring as "The old house of Dr. Andrew
Jackson Baker sometime before it burned.
" Possibly taken in 1907)

"It was located east from Aldrich, MO. This photo was taken during the celebration of Dr. A. J. Baker's birthday,
(July 4, 1844) and his son, A.J. Baker, II's birthday, (July 8, 1885).  The family had a huge reunion every July 4th
in celebration. The reunion was with several families: Bakers, MacDonalds, and Nash as the older generations and
their children, in-laws, cousins, aunts, and uncles.
Dr. A.J. Baker is in the middle of two bearded gentlemen, with a droopy mustache and no beard.  His wife #2,
Rachel Davis Drake Baker, is standing behind him looking to her left (to the right in the picture).  The fourth
lady to Rachelís left (to the right in the picture) is Mattie Baker Thompson, daughter of Andrew and his wife #1,
Martha Ann Faulkenberry. 
Mattie married Losson Thompson.  Losson Thompson is seated just to the right of the tree on the right side of
the picture.  One of the bearded men in the second row is Isaac Mc Culley (A.J. Baker II's father-in-law) and the
one with the longest beard is Samuel Nash, a family cousin.  These three men served in the Civil War--(Dr. Baker,
Mr. McCulley and Mr. Nash). "

Another visitor to PCGS's website identified some of the people in the picture as being named Simpson.

unknown #4

Jan Breshears Thomas submitted the following pictures in hopes they will be identified. They were
found in her mother's files on the Breshears family. They might also be from the Carter, Arnold,
Tuckness and Richard families.

unknown #5

unknown #6

These pictures were given to Linda Crawford by Ron Johnson of Rock Island, IL, a great grandson of
Rev. Johnson. He wanted the pictures back in the area they came from.  If you need a better look, just
double click the photo.

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Above picture
Identified as "unknown" then "# 2 boy David Ingram's Son" and "unknown" & "unknown"

Below picture
"John Tolbert & family at College Hill 1909" College Hill was in Polk Co. and there was a Methodist Church.

Tolbert1.JPG (74475


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